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Running Horse Pipeline

About RHP

So many of our daily activities are made possible by a vast underground network of steel pipelines that quietly delivers the fuels we need to drive our cars and heat our homes, as well as raw materials for making items as diverse as medicines and food containers.

The Navajo Nation Oil and Gas Company (NNOGC) headquartered in St Michaels, Arizona owns and operates Running Horse Pipeline (RHPL) headquartered in Montezuma Creek, Utah. Running Horse Pipeline operates crude oil pipelines in Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico. Running Horse Pipeline is part of the behind-the-scenes, yet vital, action that keeps this network humming around the clock and keeps consumers supplied with the modern conveniences that make their lives easier.

Pursuing Excellence in the Community

In some areas, all neighbors see of a RHPL-owned or -operated pipeline is a cleared area and markers along the pipeline's path. Where there are facilities like pump stations and terminals, Running Horse Pipeline may be a more visible part of the community. But in each community we touch, and with each of the pipeline systems we operate, we strive for excellence - in regulatory compliance, environmental stewardship and safety. Our operating practices and safety and environmental achievements earn praise and commendations from industry and governmental organizations.

A key component of this safety commitment is our ongoing Public Awareness program, which delivers pipeline education and public safety communications to our pipeline neighbors. For more details on pipeline safety and our Public Awareness program, see the “Our Neighbors” section.

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