Emergency Preparedness and Response

Running Horse Pipeline's primary concern is to protect the safety of the communities where we operate and our response team. Though we strive to prevent pipeline releases, we also realize that they do happen and that we must be prepared.

Download our Guideline for Emergency Responder Agencies
Download our Guideline for Emergency Responder Agencies

Emergency Preparedness

We prepare for a potential release by undertaking the following measures:

- Utilization of the SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) System to constantly monitor pipelines and check for potential pipeline leaks. If a potential leak is detected, an Operations Center systems analyst is immediately alerted so that the line is shut down.

- Development and maintenance of an Emergency Response Plan (OPA 90) that details our response strategies.

- Utilization of the company's Incident Emergency Response Team to ensure an organized response, utilizing best practices.

- Conducting HAZWOPER training for employees so that they can respond quickly and effectively to ensure the safety of themselves and the public.

- Conducting annual emergency response tabletop and equipment deployment exercises to ensure preparedness.

Emergency Response

If a pipeline event occurs, emergency response officials will be notified and our operations personnel and contractors will be dispatched to the site as quickly as possible. We will work jointly with local emergency responders at the scene of the pipeline emergency. At Running Horse Pipeline, we regularly communicate with local response agencies regarding pipelines in their community, and sponsor training sessions and drills to practice response protocols and coordination. We’ve developed extensive response plans for all of our facilities based on the knowledge of personnel, available equipment, tools and materials.

Emergency Response Plans

Transparency and mutual communication with emergency officials are critical when responding to a pipeline emergency. This is why we make our Emergency Response Plans available online to all emergency officials in the communities where we operate.

Emergency Official Liaison Meetings

We host meetings with the emergency officials in counties in which we operate. These meetings are focused toward fire, police, emergency medical services, and emergency management agencies on how to properly respond to an incident involving pipelines. The purpose is to not only protect the responders, but also to protect the community in which we operate. These meetings allow emergency responders to meet with individuals from local area operations and ask questions in a face-to-face environment.

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