COVID-19 Response

Safety Precautions

  1. Store hours 6:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. (all store locations)
  2. Protection shields have been installed at cashier counters.
  3. A limit of 5 customers may enter a store at one time.
  4. Social distancing of 6 feet will be enforced.
  5. All customers must wear a face mask & gloves to enter stores.
  6. Sanitizing counters, door handles, fuel nozzles.

$300,000 Elderly Relief Effort

$20,000 acknowledgement of first responders: FUEL CARDS
$10,000 NN Division fam serv PPE, sanitary supplies: FAMILY SERVICES
$50,000 masks to NN HCOC & Dept of Corrections (14,000 masks): PPE
$5,000 traditional COVID-19 announcement: MEDIA
$50,000 payment for elderly & low income: UTILITY BILLS
$25,000 Utah Div of Health Services meal delivery: MEALS
$30,000 bales to chapters: HAY
$75,000 distribution to chapters: PROPANE
$25,000 Utah Div of Health Services meal delivery: MEALS
$25,000 food care packages NN HCOC: DRY GOODS
$10,000 as necessary: DISCRETIONARY
Employees and customers

Employees and customers

Navajo Nation Oil and Gas Company (NNOGC) is a federally incorporated oil and gas company wholly owned by the Navajo Nation. NNOGC’s strengths are in exploration and discovery, production, midstream business and a downstream business – all supported by leading-edge technology.  Today, the energy NNOGC produces not only keeps America moving but it also helps drive the American economy.
Our communities

Our communities

NNOGC has more than 50 employees with headquarters in St. Michaels, Ariz., and operations in New Mexico, and Utah. NNOGC owns and operates oil and natural gas interests, primarily in the San Juan Basin in New Mexico and the Greater Aneth, Tohonadla and Desert Creek fields in southeast Utah. The company also operates the Running Horse Pipeline in southeast Utah and northwest New Mexico and gas stations on the Navajo Nation under the Navajo Petroleum and Chevron brands.


NNOGC was established as a federally chartered Section 17 Corporation under authority granted by the Navajo Nation Council and began operations in 1998. The company contributed $1.2 million in direct and indirect payments to the Navajo Nation economy in 2013. The company supports numerous charitable organizations in the Navajo Nation and has contributed more than $1.4 million in scholarships since 2003.

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