Helium Resources

Helium has been found in unusually high concentrations in numerous wells within the Navajo Nations lands suggesting the possible existence of vast and world-class Helium reserves.  Helium deposits are closely associated with Oligocene aged volcanic activity in the Four Corners area sourced from the radioactive decay of uranium and thorium in the earth’s mantle.  Magma plumes rising from the upper mantle intrude and fracture the crust providing pathways for Helium-rich gases to become trapped in the sedimentary section.
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Helium concentrations range from 0.3 to over 8% with concentrations over 5% common.  These high Helium levels place the Navajo Nations lands as some of the richest in Helium concentrations anywhere in the world. NNOGC technical team is currently evaluating Helium resources for future development.

The Tohachee Wash Navaho Tribe Z-1 Well drilled by Texaco in 1967 was re-entered and tested for Helium potential. Navajo Nation Oil and Gas is currently working with the Navajo Nation Minerals Department to bring the Z-well online as a Helium producer.

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